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What inspired me to write?

It all started with books. Don’t ask me which books because I can’t remember. You see, I was unhappy with my personal life at the time.

One evening, having no desire to grocery shop on my way home from work, but knowing no one else would, I happened to head down the wrong aisle and found myself staring at books…

Books with eye-catching covers, beautiful characters, and unusual titles beckoned to be picked up. An hour later, totally relaxed, my troubles forgotten, I left the store with a few groceries and five books. That evening, I fell in love with books—reading.

Fast-forward twenty years and my collection of books, written by various talented authors in a few different genres, line my bookshelves, the top rack of my closet, and fill many storage boxes.

A year and a half ago, I finished reading Three Wishes by Lianne Moriarty, tapped five stars on my Kindle, and thought, I’ve been dreaming of writing a book for years. What’s stopping me? After a two-sentence conversation with my husband, I decided to follow my dream.

Did I know where to begin? No! Did I have a plan? No! Did I even know how to write a book? No! Did I know what I wanted to write about? Yes!

If my books could inspire one person to follow their dreams or simply enjoy an escape from their everyday, often-chaotic lives, I knew that I would feel fulfilled.

I still love to read, but writing … it’s magical. I’m following my dream, and I have more stories to weave.