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King creates a stand-alone multifaceted story that is realistic, absorbing, and emotionally compelling.

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She’s been hiding her pain her entire life.

If she doesn’t come clean, it could jeopardize the future she’s always wanted…

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Secrets Possess the Power to Destroy Relationships…

Cologne, Missouri. Kalie hasn’t been completely honest with her family. Telling no one she was bullied since childhood by a classmate, she’s finally taken control of her destiny by buying a small-town coffee shop. But the secrets she harbors could push away her new business partner, Elias, and smother their blossoming love affair.

Fearing she’ll lose everything if she tells the truth, Kalie holds back on giving Elias her whole heart. But the more affection he shows, the harder it becomes to keep her lips sealed.

Can Kalie find the courage to bare her soul and unlock her deepest desires?

Determine Dreamer is the third book in the engaging Inspiration In Cologne romantic women’s fiction series. If you like complex characters, close-knit communities and fell-good stories, then you’ll adore Deborah King’s wholesome tale

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