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King creates a story that is genuinely powerful and compelling … and invites her audience to become a ‘daring dreamer'.

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Two best friends. Two fresh starts.

Will old regrets sabotage their second chance?

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They Say Most People are Afraid to Follow Their Dreams.

Daring Dreamer, Book One of the Inspiration in Cologne series will convince that when you acknowledge and defeat your fears anything is possible.

Janna, a driven woman who’s fiercely loyal to her friends, is haunted by devastating losses in her younger years. Now in her early-thirties, she desires a place to call home and a simple yet fulfilling life.

After months of driving around rural areas in Missouri, Janna discovers a sense of serenity in the quaint, picturesque town of Cologne. She persuades her best friend, Shelby, to follow her and embark on the next chapter of their lives, becoming co-managers at the new fresh-market grocery store, a stepping stone to reaching their true dream of being their own bosses.

But all their plans may be derailed …

Richard, the sexy architect and construction manager, captures Janna’s heart and attention. But he also sees all her vulnerabilities. Will Janna be able to preserve his love and patience as she attempts to break free of her lingering grief and guilt?

Meanwhile, Shelby, stuck in party mode and living in Janna’s shadow, has a few internal conflicts of her own to battle. Will Shelby’s search for love and the turmoil of her own mental paralysis delay her and Janna’s dream?

Peel back the veil you present to the world with the Daring Dreamer. Question if you’d be able to defeat your fears … if it meant pursuing your dreams.

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