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About Me

Deborah King

Come Dream with Me!

I’m a spirited woman who was inspired to pursue my dreams due to my mother’s death from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. I have the unique ability to read people and tackle life’s hardships.

I’m a distinctive new voice in inspirational, romantic women’s fiction. After raising two children, working for a not-for-profit wildlife rescue organization, and reading too many books to count, I retired from my personal training and weight management business to follow my dream of writing.

I’m extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with many different people sharing and teaching what inspires me, which you’ll catch glimpses of in my books.

I’ve lived in several diverse areas in my city as well as three years in a rural setting. I live in Missouri with my supportive husband, two rescue cats, who believe they’re dogs, my mini fitness store, and my collection of books. When I’m not reading or writing, my passions revolve around family, friends, animals, music, nutrition, cooking, and any form of exercise.

I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by my virtual home. I’d be honored to have you accompany me on my journey. To find out more please visit my links on the top and bottom of my home page.

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Now that you know about me, I’d love to hear from you!

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