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5 Fun Facts

Five Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me!

  1. I listen to background music during the day as I work around the house or work on my books. I have the ability to totally block out everything when I’m concentrating until a Bruno Mars song plays. It’s uncanny. Bruno Mars croons — I stop whatever I’m working on … and dance.
  2. While working for a wildlife rescue center, I spent four hours of my work day caring for the animals and the other four hours as the center’s administrative assistant. My help in the office was a male tiger cub who snoozed in the chair next to my desk or stalked me, wanting to play.
  3. Thirteen years ago, I learned how to sail a thirty-five foot sail boat. The feeling of being whisked across the water by the wind is exhilarating on windy days and serene when it’s calm.
  4. I don’t think I ever had a favorite toy when I was young. I only remember playing outside. However, I loved to jump double Dutch or play Chinese jumping rope. I used the Chinese jumping rope inside by placing the rope around two of our heavy end table legs in the living room. I’m sure my parents loved that!
  5. I’m going to attempt to make this short; however, I could write a book about my favorite trip.I’ve vacationed in many different states, although visiting the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast Coast remains on my bucket list.
    However, none of my trips throughout the United States prepared me for traveling overseas to Belgium — the trip of a lifetime.
    My husband traveled to Brussels once a year to his home office. One year, I joined him. While he worked during the day, I explored Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent. I walked for too many miles to track and rode the trains, the metro, and the buses.
    The Flemish Renaissance architecture of one of Europe’s finest historic squares in Brussels to the medieval castles in Ghent and the picturesque canals of Bruges left me mesmerized. The cities’ museums, tourist attractions, and churches were awe-inspiring. And the traditional food and drink was delicious. Belgium chocolates, espresso, 400 different varieties of beer, fresh-market foods, mussels and frites, waffles and croissants, oh my! Should I go on?