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October 2021: The Billionaire Recluse by Tayla Alexandra



From the first word to the last in this loosely based retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I was hooked.

Alexandra’s characters are well thought out and move through the story with ease. Well, except for the main conflicts … They are doozies. Each of the characters’ has strengths and weaknesses, and it was a pleasure to form an attachment to them and read about their growth throughout the narrative.

Isabel is a young woman in the midst of experiencing life’s hardships. Despite dealing with her own struggles, does she have the intestinal fortitude to save Sebastian from spiraling into the depths of despair, even to the point of no return?

Sebastian is a broken man, grieving the loss of his previous life. Not to mention, he has no clue how to care for his young daughter, Lilly. Will Sebastian accept the unexpected transformations, not only for his sake but for his daughters?

Lily is missing her mother’s love and guidance and develops behavioral issues. Will she accept Isabel’s unconditional love and teachings and not send her running for her life like the previous nannies?

You’ll have to read Alexandra’s brilliantly written, fast paced story to find out. No spoilers here.

If you enjoy reading Christian romance, you’ll love The Billionaire Recluse!