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June 2021: Stick a Cork in it by Rich Amoii


Rich Amooii’s books are a treat to read and Stick a Cork in it is a true treasure. His humor is refreshing and the dialogue is written perfectly.

I adore the two grannies’ spirits and their mischievous meddling antics. Ivy is a relatable character with her broken-hearted mistrust of basically anyone. Ted … you have to love him, even though he is annoying and antagonistic in a fun and playful way. The words that pop out of is mouth at the most inappropriate times are hysterical, causing him to backtrack for major damage control. But since he’s handsome, extremely intelligent, and selfless, he more than redeems himself for his many verbal blunders.

The setting is wonderful – a beautiful winery, the store, and the wine cellar. Did I mention the chocolate croissants, plump ripe fruits, aged cheese, and wine tastings, need I say more?

I highly recommend reading this story if you’re a fan of opposites attract Rom-coms.