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April 2021: Roxy’s Song by Ranee S. Clark


Opposites Attract

Roxy’s Song is a second-chance romance story about Roxy and Tag, polar opposite personalities and contrasting future dreams.

Tag has professed his love for Roxy since high school through the songs he writes and sings. Roxy doesn’t take Tag seriously, they’re just lyrics, a stepping-stone to his dream of becoming a country singing star in Nashville.

Roxy dreams of spending the rest of her life on her family’s ranch in the quaint, small town of Little River. If she finds a man to check all her boxes, she’s set for life.

Or … is she?

Eight years later, Roxy has found that perfect someone in Nash, her boyfriend. But in a last-ditch effort, Tag heads back to the peaceful setting of Little River to perform at the county fair and stays at the Circle R Ranch, to work on his new album and convince Roxy to trust in his love for her.

Have Tag and Roxy matured over their years apart in order to reach and agreed upon compromise of their individual dreams for the sake of true love?

Overall I enjoyed reading Roxy’s Song and do recommend reading the opposites attract story, but I wish Clark would have included an in-depth history of the characters and the time they spent together when they were younger.