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The Perks of Small-Town Living!

Part Two - Community

If You’re Seeking Community Small Town Living is for you!

I cherish the countryside, the majesty of nature, and wide open spaces to roam, which is why Daring Dreamer book one of the Inspiration in Cologne series is set in a quaint, small town.

If you live in a large metropolitan area as I do, have you walked around your community or visited your child’s school? If so, what was your first thought? Some years ago, mine was: I have no idea who these people are. Yes, I somewhat knew two of my neighbors, but that was the extent of the relationship. I had the opportunity to move to a small town a few years ago and everything changed.

When you move or have the opportunity to be raised in a small town, you automatically become part of the community. You, your significant other, and children are surrounded by like-minded people. This is especially true when you attend more than half of your days together in the same school.

You and your classmates are taught to treat each other with love and respect. If you decide to remain in your small town after high school or return home after attending college, you will rely on each other whether you live next door, a mile away, or on the other side of town.

You see and speak to each other when you shop in the town’s local grocery store, eat at the local diner, stop by the coffee shop, pick up your prescriptions, run into the bakery, or tend to your banking affairs. Everywhere you visit; people know you and treat you like family.

The community will come together as one to prepare for and enjoy festivals, rodeos, the county fair, and holiday celebrations. The comradery in a small town is truly never-ending.

It is possible to find a small percentage of close knit communities in the city in which I grew up. A few have quaint markets, family owned restaurants, small businesses, and music venues. However, when you drive a few blocks away, you’re once again lost in the crowd and that small town feeling disappears. I’ve since moved back to the city and wish I still had that unique sense of belonging.

Check back in two weeks for my next blog post relating to Daring Dreamer.