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July 2018: Colors by Leah McClellan

Envision vivid colors, wonderful writing, three characters you’ll fall in love with, one you’ll despise, and you’ve entered Leah McClellan’s artistically written story.

Autumn is a woman in trauma from her husband’s, ‘I want a divorce’ news. Jory, Autumn’s newly hired personal chef, confidant, cheerleader, and possible love interest, is every woman’s dream. Natalie, her best friend forever, would move heaven and earth to aide Autumn.

After Autumn loses her job and her husband, she returns to her paintings from earlier years. Knowing she has to make a living, she decides to try the artist route and delve into her love of painting.

Meanwhile, her soon to be ex-husband stalks her, becomes an alcoholic, and attempts to ruin her new life.

Colors is a well-rounded story with psychological twists and turns and artistic value.