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July 2018: Isle of Oz by R.T. Graham

Isle Of Oz is a light-hearted, quick read from R.T. Graham.

Searching for the perfect setting for her wedding, Livi’s on her way to a remote island in the South Pacific to inform her fiance, “the cheater,” that their engagement is off.

The plane crashes into the ocean, and she wakes to find herself adrift in a life raft with Zach, a Navy SEAL Commander.
She soon learns that Zach, the only other survivor, saved her life, and that they’re also polar opposites in every way.

The ocean’s current leads them to a deserted island, or so Livi thought …

Packed with survival skills, continual barbs exchanged, nicknames given, and eventual rescue from the killer pirates and the island, leaves us with certainty about their future destiny.