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May 2018: Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

I was immediately lured into Mariana Zapata’s endearing story, Dear Aaron.

Ruby, a young, introverted women, volunteers for an organization where individual’s contact military people overseas: an email from home. Ruby’s given Aaron’s email address and contacts him. Aaron, recovering from a “Dear John” letter, doesn’t return her emails for quite sometime. But Ruby remains persistent and sends him one last email before she gives up. Aaron finally answers her emails, and their friendship begins.

Because of Aaron’s constant questions into Ruby’s family and dating life, she begins to recognize her issues and slowly begins to blossom, while Aaron thinks she’s the funniest person he’s ever know.

Fast forward to Ruby flying to an unfamiliar state to meet Aaron and a few of his friends when he comes home. After Ruby and Aaron meet and get along well, the characters backtrack and we’re left in the dark because Aaron has issues of his own, which remain undisclosed. At this point, I would have searched through my kindle for a new book to read if I hadn’t been pulled in and felt compelled to know how the story ended.