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Perks of Small Town Living

Part One - Nature

If You’re Seeking Peace and Tranquility, Small Town Living is for You!

I cherish the countryside, the majesty of nature, and wide open spaces to roam, which is why Daring Dreamer book one of the Inspiration in Cologne series is set in a quaint, rural town.

Imagine relaxing on your wrap-a-round porch and drinking your favorite beverage. As dusk falls, lightening bugs a-plenty glow and resemble blinking, mini Christmas tree lights. Crickets chirp to welcome you into their world, whip-poor-wills sing their favorite tune, you hear an owl hooting, and a lone coyote calls out to his pack on most nights. Tree frogs sense rain will arrive soon, but not right away.

Your eyes wander to the vast dark sky above, and you marvel at hundreds of stars twinkling bright. The North Star, the Big and Little dippers, and many other distinctive stars forming the constellations offer a spectacular view, which is possible because the city lights and smog exist far from this place.

To prevent boredom, each season’s visible constellations change, and different species of animals emerge with new white noise. Of course, like most people, your favorite beverage of choice varies from season to season too. Hot apple cider and dark rich hot chocolate warm you in the cold months, while sweet tea and lemonade quench your thirst in the warmer seasons.

Daylight dawns and reclaims the brilliance of day. Spring arrives with a kaleidoscope of color that surrounds you as the buds on the trees are reborn to welcome the new season. And on sunny days, the azure sky will amaze you.

As Spring evolves into summer, envision lush green fields on the outskirts of town; some with majestic horses grazing lazily, blue-green ponds or small creeks meandering across the open plains. The windy, hilly terrain offers a multitude of views each time you follow the curves of the open roads.

In autumn, the combination of stunning reds, golds, yellows, and oranges flood your vision. Bundles of hay dot the fields, awaiting the colder months.

Winter ushers in the sparkling beauty of snow and a time to reflect on the beautiful sights you’ve watched transform throughout the year.

If you’d like to embrace small town living or just wish to read more of my blog, I’ll have Part Two waiting for you in two weeks.