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Three Dreamers.  Three Separate Journeys.

Will They Reach Their Goals?


They Say Most People are Afraid to Follow Their Dreams.

Todd is eager yet apprehensive when he leaves his small-town home and sweetheart to pursue his future in the big city. After earning an internship with a prestigious construction company, he comes face to face with his destiny.

Sonya is heartbroken and questioning her ability to remain true to her first love when they follow their distinctive paths.

Richard owns Marks Construction Company, a highly successful business, but he’s lost his perspective until he meets the young apprentice who sees through his facade.

Does Todd fulfill his family’s destiny and reconnect with his soulmate?

Will Sonya come back to Cologne after graduating from college?

Does Richard find contentment … a woman to complete him and a place to call home?

Destined Dreamer is the Prequel to the Inspiration In Cologne series of romantic women’s fiction novels. If you like rural, small-town settings and strong characters, who follow their dreams, then you’ll love Deborah’s King’s inspiring short story.